Microsoft's premium noise-canceling business headphones stack up pretty well against leading models from Bose and Sony, but could cost a little less


These are the kind of headphones you would leave on the office desk rather than use them for multiple purposes. Price points vary these days; from cheap-and-cheerful kits at 10 dollars to expensive, feature-laden headphones sold for hundreds. This means that headphones good for office use should have minimal leakage to not disturb the people around. Microsoft’s premium noise-canceling business headphones stack up pretty well against leading models from Bose and Sony, but could cost a little less. Verdict: A decent set of headphones for the morning commute at a very fair price point, but it takes practice to learn how to use the controls. Verdict: Attractive price point and a quality product for business users and commuters alike. See also our recommendations for the best noise cancelling headphones and the best noise cancelling earbuds. First, Bose headphones are well known for having a distinctive sound signature. They’re well-built in-ear headphones with an easy-to-use in-line remote and durable braided cable. Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best office headphones for most people. If you are a business user, you may want stylish sets that also include useful features. If you like bass-heavy music, picking the right headphones can be critical to your listening experience. As a practical matter, interrupting a colleague wearing headphones involves only slightly more effort than interrupting someone who is working without them. Small ear cups, a thin band, and solid build, these headphones are perfect for commuting. Verdict: A stylish set of headphones which justify the price. Despite the minimalist design, these headphones felt very firm and comfortable during testing on the underground. They are one of the best noise cancelling headphones we’ve tested so far thanks to their noise cancelling optimization features. Bose, which is headquartered near Boston, says its headphones should handle cold weather without an issue. Though there are some situations where one pair pulls ahead, both the Sony and Bose headphones are so good that it’s not something that should affect your decision. Simply put: There’s no better headphones for taking phone calls or interacting with digital voice assistants. The headphones provide about 27 hours of playback on a 2-hour charge, which is great. Leather and metal, modern lines and a stable build, they are likely to suit the tastes of business travels and consumers alike. Here are some of our top picks for comfortable headphones which will suit business users and commuters at a range of budgets.